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 Do I have to pay value added tax / sales tax (VAT)?

Delivery to the US is zero-rated for VAT. Our online store already factors that in once you've chosen USA as your delivery country and automatically deduces the current German VAT (16%). In terms of customs duties our frequent customer inquiry has proved that there have only been very few issues concerning tax. In these rare cases additional fees had to be paid. Evidently US customs authorities only take spot checks. Depending on the state within the US tax on imported products can be 5% at a max- a lot less than our German 16% VAT. This means a great financial advantage for US customers -especially for high-priced products- as compared to our customers in Germany. Shipment and customs declarations are handled by DHL in transnational cooperation with US-Post (USPS) that delivers our products to your door. If there appears to be any additional customs duty you conveniently pay when you receive the goods without any further contact with customs authorities. Consequently ordering at our online shop is almost like ordering online within the US. It couldn't be more convenient. If you like you can already see quotes for all products in our online store exclusive of VAT. Just choose your delivery country prior to browsing through our shop.