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This kind of service is exceptional!

Our standards are very high. This is why we check each instrument in our specialized workshop right when we buy it for manufacturer errors. If the article doesn't match our technical standards or is faulty we get it replaced by the manufacturer right away. As an additional service each instrument is fine-tuned individually to guaranty the best possible results when playing it.

Why do we do this?

Most manufacturers and vendors don't offer this time-consuming kind of service due to economic reasons. However we believe that the quality of the instrument has a direct impact on the motivation when learning and playing it.

The facts!

Fractions of a millimeter can already make a huge difference: If the distance between strings and the fretboard (string height) is not adjusted appropriately, it can make playing the instrument difficult, since the musician has to apply way to much effort. Especially if you're a beginner, who doesn't know how a well adjusted instrument feels, this can be really frustrating and even lead to dismissing the idea of learning an instrument altogether. Fine-tuned instruments do not necessarily have to be expensive and can save you from this frustrating experience. Our adjustments can even make playing budget-priced instrument an enjoyable experience. Even if your choice was an instrument of high quality you can be sure that it went through our specialized workshop. We're also happy to realize special requests.

Our readjusting service!

If you want the string height of your instrument to be a little higher or lower we offer an additional service free of charge. Within one year from the date of purchase we readjust your instrument to your individual needs. You just pay for shipping costs in case they incur.