Willie`s Cacao 100% - VENEZUELAN BLACK - CARENERO - 180g block for grating

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What do musical instruments and cocoa have in common? Surely you're asking yourself this question? Quite simply... Both create a good mood and a happy heart! Besides my passion for good instruments, I also love good chocolate. Chocolate is not the same as chocolate. Most of the products offered contain more sugar and animal protein than cocoa. I can't be enthusiastic about that anymore. The higher the cocoa content, the better the taste. Unfortunately, the products of the usual suppliers are usually inedible at 100% cocoa content. Not so with Willie's.

Willie`s chocolate is all about flavour. Great cacaos are like fine wines, each one with its own stunningly individual flavour born of its specific genetics, soil and climate. One might taste naturally of nuts, another of summer fruits. It is to capture these subtle notes and unique flavours that he makes all of his chocolate from the bean- which is called bean to bar chocolate! He buys single estate cacaos direct from the farmers, roast them in antique ball roasters and make them into chocolate using just natural cocoa butter – no soya lecithin, no vanilla, nothing that gets in the way of the flavour of the bean.

Willie`s passion for chocolate was born of a love of adventure. That spirit took him to Venezuela, led him to buy Hacienda El Tesoro high in the cloud forest, and remains with him as his quest to make great chocolate takes him on the cacao trail around the Equator into the forests of the world, in search of the finest beans.

Willie`s: "The first thing I made with my own cacao was hot chocolate. Adding water and a little hot chocolate made with single origin cacaohoney, it blew my mind. I want everyone to experience some of the awakening I did. Few things give me more pleasure than watching someone gasping with delight as the chocolate melts and the realisation dawns that all that flavour comes simply from the cacao"

Michael Berstecher (Managing Director / Guitar Maker)

  • 100% fine cocoa as a block to grate.
  • Perfect for cooking exciting dishes and desserts
  • I prefer it as drinking chocolate whisked with hot water (or milk)
  • Also suitable for raw food. This is how this black gold unfolds its peculiar special note
  • Taste: Strong, nutty and slightly smoky
  • These full bodied beans from the Barlovento coast, with their notes of nuts and spices, are a wonder to cook with. This 100% cacao Carenero is particularly great in a gravy or it makes a delicious nutty brownie
  • Long forgotten flavour of the world’s great cacaos
  • Net weight: 180g
  • Ingredients: Cocoa / 100% at least
  • Hint Allergens: May contain traces of nuts
  • Storage and preparation instructions: Store in a cool and dry place
  • Origin: Great Britain
  • Responsible food business operator: Willies Cacao El Tesoro Ltd / Unit E3 langlands Business Park, Uf / EX15 3DA Cullompton Devon / United Kingdom

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